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You're in Control
Green Power Solar energy management systems help you take control of your energy use and production, while reducing your energy costs, and your impact on the environment. With unlimited potential, Green Power Solar is a clean, efficient, and sustainable form of renewable energy. Just as importantly, Green Power Solar is also a sound financial decision. California electricity rates are increasing 6.7% per year. With Solar panels powering your home, you'll see savings every month when your electricity bill arrives, and the savings you enjoy today will only become greater in the future. Green Power Solar is your hedge against energy inflation.

Managing Your Energy Needs
Energy production is an important part of taking control of your energy needs and reducing your reliance on utility companies. In addition, flexible fuel hybrid heating and air conditioning systems have dramatically cut the amount of energy needed to keep you comfortable. An inefficient heating and air conditioning system can account for as much as 60% of your total electricity usage. A new, high efficiency system can dramatically reduce your energy needs, and allow you to install a much smaller, more affordable Green Power Solar production system while realizing the same savings as more expensive and much larger solar systems.

Managing both production and reduction will provide the best solution for affordability, return on investment, energy savings, and environmental stewardship.

A System Matched to Your Needs
Many solar companies encourage installation of systems large enough to replace 100% or more of your home's electrical needs. For customers whose goal is to be completely free of electric bills, Green Power Solar systems can accomplish this mission. For many applications, a system sized to cover just 50% of your energy usage will reduce your electric bill by up to 75%, due to the typical utility tier structure.

Working With You to Accomplish Your Goals
Using Green Power Solar equipment, we work to limit your energy costs to less expensive "baseline" utility tiers to bring you the most cost effective system possible. Our goal is to provide a system sized right to meet your needs. Whether your goal is to never pay another electric bill, or to reduce your monthly energy expenses to a more reasonable baseline level, installing a Green Power Solar system can help you manage your energy needs through production and reduction and let you take control of your energy future.

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Green Power Inverters

Green Power Inverters

  • Deliver Maximum Energy Harvest from Your PV System with World-Class Reliability and Efficiency
  • Industry's First 10 Year Warranty
  • Highest CEC Efficiencies in the Industry
  • Optional Internet Based Performance Monitoring
Solar Modules

Solar Modules

  • Designed and Built to Deliver the Highest Efficiency and Reliable Power for On-grid Residential and Commercial Systems Worldwide
  • High Efficiency
  • Outstanding Low-light Performance
  • Withstands High Winds and Snow Load
  • 25 Year Power Output Warranty